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Re: Turning brother in for CC fraud

My brother did the same thing to me a couple of years ago. He got two credit cards in my name and ran them up. I discovered this one day after pulling my credit reports. I immediately disputed them and reported that they were fraudulently obtained. I struggled with the decision to report him and ultimately, I did not. The credit card companies closed the accounts and removed them from my credit reports. This also triggered a fraud alert to be placed on all three by the bureaus without me needing to ask them to do so.


Unfortunately, my brother's poor judgment did not stop there. Shortly after all of that, he stole my car and went missing with it for weeks until the police caught up with him. At that point, he was arrested. But, my mother bailed him out and two months after that, he beat her up, stole her purse, and her car and went missing again. If I remember right, he was arrested for that too. She allowed him to come home after that. But a few months later, it was discovered that he had broken in and entered someone else's house. This is what ultimately landed him in jail for just under two years. He is now out and on probation for the next 12 years. I'll add that he was then diagnosed as bipolar/schizophrenic.


I said all that to say this...I know what it's like to struggle with the decision to turn in a relative for wrong doing. But even in situations where the decision is made to do nothing at all on your part, if your relative gets desperate enough, their wrong doing won't stop with you or your family members, they will do it to someone else too and the outcome would still be adverse and result in jail time. What you do is totally up to you, but your brother's fait is in his own hands. You won't be able to rescue him all the time or monitor what he does to others day in and day out.

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