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Re: GF problems

Your too young to stress out about what another young person is doing.  You're right to stress about your finances(probably not the best word butyou get my jist)  Also if she is throwing you under the bus infront of her parents make a little spread sheet and track whats yours and hers spending etc...  Pull it out and show them and make it simple.  Numbers do not lie and they will  know she buys "girl" items and you buy "guy" items.  Let them see it prove to them that you are doing your part and she is not.  I have also been a big adovocate and putting it all on the table to prove my point even if it makes me look like an a##


If they get upset then you will ALWAYS lose my friend and losing should never be an option when it comes to your finances.  I found the right one at age 25, she helped me I helped her.  She told me we need to get A B C taken care of and WE did it not her not me.  I wish you the best of luck

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