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Re: GF problems

webhopper wrote:
The problem with this scenario is that you are enabling her irresponsibility. You aren't helping her. She has the financial maturity of a teenager because you are enabling her to be that way. If this were me.... I would get seperate accounts TODAY. And she would pay half of all joint bills. If she cant pay half; send her home to mom and dad until she can. Seriously this is unhealthy and you need to stop.



PLEASE do not become my father who, at 75 years old still has to work to pay off a mortgage for the 3rd or 4th time, plus tens of thousands of dollars in CC debt that gets racked up each time he clears it off with another cash-out refi thanks to my mother's out of control spending and utter disinterest in anything to do with money management. His life's quote? "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them".  How utterly sad that makes me.


I've recently gone through a financial hubbub myself with my estranged husband and learned that the best thing we could do was to have separate accounts. His/Mine, the twain never meet.


You are waaaayyy too young to get tangled up in this kind of drama. Give yourself a chance to grow up and explore the great big ocean out there before settling for someone who doesn't respect you enough to honor your contributions and presence.

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