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Re: GF problems

localuser wrote:

So you guys would just let her throw you under the bus?  I would never and have never taken that from a woman.  I was raised by someone who wants the truth from anyone even if its to prove his kids were wrong and that is how I will be.  

So this could maybe say Hey what could we do to help this situation

And she knows he is taking notes on her since he is controlling the finance Smiley Very Happy

John Wayne had the perfect quote on this, LOL!


My point is the truth would help no one in this situation. Knowing who's spending what, where, and how is useless. If there's a magical, low self-esteem reason he's trying to please her parents that's still not going to be helped by them having proof of what they already know.


At best, he can minimize the damage by letting her be 100% responsible for her own finances. No one's asked "Why isn't she using her own credit card?!" because we already know, LOL!


He's been dealing with her 4 years. At some point a man has to live righteously and say "I'm allowing this to happen and am the only one who can make a change". If he truly loves the woman and wants a life together, he should be committed to her growth. She's not going to grow being babied and their financial future will be cloudy with this kind of financial mismanagement. She's not going to learn what's needed without being forced to grow up.


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