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Re: GF problems

My fiance and I each keep separate checking accts, and one checking acct that is joint.  The joint acct is strictly for paying bills.  We add up the bills every month and each contribute 1/2.  We keep separate cc's and pay them from our personal checking accts.  We are each responsible for our own credit and personal finances.  It works beautifully.


We each came out of divorces that wrecked us individually and we each have had to rebuild.  We swore we would never get ourselves in that mess again.  Don't learn the hard way.  Get out of this now, while you can.  If she will not learn how to handle her own finances and contribute to your joint expenses, then save yourself the heartache and misery that is sure to be in your future and end it now.  You may love her now, but I guarantee that at this rate, in a few years you will hate her for what she will do to you financially.  


Good luck.