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Re: GF problems

localuser wrote:

So you guys would just let her throw you under the bus?  I would never and have never taken that from a woman.  I was raised by someone who wants the truth from anyone even if its to prove his kids were wrong and that is how I will be.  

So this could maybe say Hey what could we do to help this situation

And she knows he is taking notes on her since he is controlling the finance Smiley Very Happy

Again, what is it going to prove to the parents? They ALREADY KNOW.

Trust me. She's young enough. The father would probably say this: That's your problem now. What do you want me to do, ground her?


She'd only get to throw me under the bus like that, ONCE.

After that, she can throw some other guy under buses for the rest of her life.


I know your spreadsheet scenario works excellently in your mind, but embarassing her (given her current profile) will only further anger her or turn the parents off even more about him. She doesn't look like she wants help dealing with the finances. I guarantee, in her mind, she thinks she's doing just fine. And doesn't he already "control" the finances? And look where that's gotten him.


I'm sorry, but if you have to work THAT hard to control finances, prove to other people finance-related drama, and etc, etc, etc... then the relationship isn't worth it. Marriage is only going to magnify these problems ten-fold. That's not something I'd look forward to until death do me part.

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