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Ex wife collection on debt I guaranteed!

Well I can see you all smiling at the poor demented fool who would guarantee a lease for his ex wife! I did so of course because at the time my kids were living with her. I paid all child support and alimony and assumed she was paying her rent! Wrong. I only found out that there was a problem when I went to remortgage and was told that instead of the mid 700 's credit I thought I had it was  high 500 low 600's. Awwwwcccchhhh! The company whom she was renting her apartment from never informed me that there was a problem and the first I knew something was wrong was a call from a collection agency. I spoke to my ex who apologized and told me she had worked about a payment plan with the collection agency and not to worry. Yes I know I naive, too trusting and stupid and not necessarily in that order! So long story short the collection agency reports me to the credit bureaus for non payment. I of course make a payment arrangement where they agree take about 60% of the outstanding in settlement of the debt. I figured once this was paid off my credit would go back up. Well I from Ireland and moved to the US 12 years ago, have never had a late payment and operated my finances to the highest standards. I earn quite a high wage and do not have huge amounts of debt. Yet my fido equifax score is 633! Pretty awful. Question finally what can I do if anything to draw these facts to the attention of the credit agencies as I do feel that I am a man more sinned against than sinning! Sorry this is sooo long and appreciate any advice. Ex wife got into trouble 8/11 I found out 3/12 and paid off debt by agreement with collection agency 4/12. Thanks again.