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Re: Wedding debt..

I recently was married and paid 12,000 dollars for the wedding.   If you plan a year ahead you won't have any debt at the end.  Typically, vendors need to be paid in order to prepare for the event.  The only remainder balance at the end is the reception. I had 250 guest and after all the gifts (money) the balance of $1,900 was paid for.   If you manage your money and negoctiate sales with the vendors the wedding will not leave you with debt.   Farmers markers will have inexpensive flowers, offer your own recipe for the reception, make your own decorations, and most retailers are willing to discount the sale when it comes closer to the date.  I received a 2,200 dollar limo for 410 dollars all because I waited until the day of the wedding, just make sure the company builds you a quote, but you have to communicate with them to keep it open.