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Re: Wedding debt..
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I am anti wedding (not anti marriage). I think you should make decisions based on priorities and believe that blowing out several thousands on a wedding just because 'it is only 1 day and probably once in a lifetime' is a terrible way to start your new life. Priorities should be (IMO): Stable Job/Financial stability>Good Car>House>everything else.


If you must spend on a special day, do so after all priorities are fulfilled/paid for and after a certain amount of time has passed such as 5,+ years. I don't get why people spend 15K+ on a wedding with someone they probably haven't even lived with! First get to know eachother, live together, build your lives together and THEN think of a 'wedding'. By this time you probably will think that you rather spend the $10K on something that will bring yourselves happiness (instead of the guests) such as a long vacation that can serve as a honeymoon or escapade from the daily grind/routine and bring you closer to your SO.

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