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Re: called stupid for having joint account?!?!
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The ways of doing it may look wide open from a distance, but once all the details have been laid bare, the only win for keeping finances separate may well be the ultimate separation and divorce. You never had a chance in the first place because your hearts aren't fully in it, and the self-reinforcing snowball merely speeds it up. The logistics alone is unbearable. When it works for some, it's because it's more of a business relationship than a companion relationship, and that's probably not what we are discussing. But if it is and other variations too, then let's include people that aren't grown up and able to trust each other and be accountable, people that childishly think they can do what they want because it's their money, people that can't say no to themselves and are not able to postpone gratification. These people aren't ready for a real relationship anyway, money or not. Emotional hangups and habits, if not direct addiction or codependency, hold them back, and they may be in serious need of help to restore freedom and trust. Wishing you a happy Sunday! Smiley Wink