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Getting Married & Credit Cards
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Hello all! My first time posting on this forum, and I have some questions regarding my upcoming marriage and how we should handle credit cards. First, some quick background info to let you know where we are coming from:

  • My fiancée and I are getting married in January. We are both very frugal and money-saver types.
  • She has (I believe) one credit card that she uses sparingly. I have multiple credit cards and use them to maximize cash-back rewards.
  • She has student loans that we will be paying off in full as soon as they come due.
  • My credit score (last I checked it) is over 760. Her score should be in roughly the same range (I don't know it exactly), based on what I know about how credit scores are calculated and her credit history.
  • I hesitate to say this because I don't want to feel like I'm judging other people at all (I'm not), but it does affect what I seek in terms of advice, so here it is. My soon-to-be-wife and I are both devout Catholics, and due to our views on divorce, it is straight up not a factor to even think about in our financial plans.

My question is this: I'm big on maximizing cash back rewards (as I said). For this reason, I would like to get another card for my soon-to-be-wife on the same accounts as my own. For our first year of marriage, we will be moving into an apartment together, and I am hoping that we will have enough for a down payment on a house for next year. I would like to add my wife-to-be onto my accounts when we are married (would this be turning them into joint accounts?), but am concerned that if she gets a lot of inquiries against her account, her credit rating, and subsequently, the interest rate we get on a mortgage loan would be negatively affected. What advice to people have for me?

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