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Re: called stupid for having joint account?!?!

Thanks, I think people that can hadle their finances understand. It really isnt a money issue at all... maybe I'd feel differently if she was a shopoholic, but it works for us and we enjoy it. Its easy to keep up with the bills and savings. I dont have to ask her for half of the bills and such. Plus, I make more money than she does, so I dont want her to see her account and stress about bills and her account balance being low etc. I make more money, I pay more bills, and it works.


My hope is that I can get my income to increase enough to where she doesnt have to work. Right now she works as just a convenience and to save up for our house, but I told her that if I can ever add on that extra 30k/yr. to my salary, she can quit and start a hobby haha.


Thanks for all of the input, guys!!!

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