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Re: Getting Married & Credit Cards

May I make a suggestion? Even though you are getting married, it is very wise to allow each party, especially the lady  to initiate,secure, and use some credit cards in her own name. My wife and I each have two prime cards individually (before our marriage)  and obtained joint credit cards after we were married. It is important for her file to have a payment record in the event of your early death or some catastrophic event. There also has been recent talk in Washington by some high ranking banking firms which want to make it unlikely that any person who does not have "earned wages/income" aka stay at home spouse(s) that they should NOT be able to acquire a credit card. Credit is something you do not need until you really need it. At that point you can not usually get it. Far better to be ahead of the game with as many feathers in your camp as possible. BTW, my wife came into our marriage with a true Fico Score of 819. I am playing catch up as I had some late payments. Good Luck to both of You.

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