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Re: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?

ivyalmighty wrote:

When my STB-ex & I separated 3yrs ago, it was decided that he would bear responsibility **bleep** he may have believed) that he also completely closed the two prior credit cards as well.

I never gave it another thought. I opened up one credit card in my own name, and have nurtured it for the past two years.

I have kept credit monitoring, but never even looked in the "credit card" section, because I knew what I had and always made timely payments. I only kept an eye on the collections section ... (I have a daughter who was ill for the past few years, first with Lyme disease, and then a year of illness before also being diagnosed with Crohns Disease, so it has been a very trying time, and with doctors in three states involved, tracking and paying all the bills has been stressful, and sometimes we miss one - or maybe they donn't even send a bill?? til it ends up in collections.)


This past year, my ex **bleep** in credit lines, in 3 months time from April-Jun. Then, he didn't make payments on them.


I have been getting ready to purchase my **bleep** and already screwing up royally by not making payments.

He's also **bleep**, he's undone mine for my credit.


I **bleep** if that would even make a difference, since I was joint regardless.


I know that, if I am responsible for this debt (cards had a 0 balance until April of this year, when he did all this), the creditor will come after me even if he files bankruptcy. Also, his bankruptcy on these cards will show on MY credit report.


Do I have ANY other option, other than filing bankruptcy myself???

All the bleeps make it difficult to read your story.  From what I got from it, your ex opened 3 cc's after you were separated?  Is this correct?

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