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Re: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?

Creditaddict wrote:

You had 3 joint accounts that he was to pay but you all did not go in and close the 3 accounts and now recently this year ran them up and then stopped payments?

If he **bleep** you are not juts auth.?

So yes if he **bleep** for you!

but if he is currently not paying and you just now got info? credit monitoring hadn't been updating you of missed payments?

If you could bring them current and CLOSE THEM!!! and try to **bleep** to paying.

***bleep*** haha but anyways if it's in a joint name it's technically the OP's fault for not closing out the account and not making sure. Regardless it's best to try to set a resolution with the credit card company. Try explaining your situation to the credit card companies if they could close the account in good standng if you bring it to current. it's a long shot but as best as you can do.

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