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Re: TRe: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?
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ivyalmighty wrote:

Jutz is right. We had two joint cards totaling $20K. He paid them to zero as we agreed, but did not close them. Then this yr, he lost his shriveled mind, and blew through the entire $20k in credit, in 3 months. And is now in paperwork 4 bankruptcy.


Paying them, with maxed-out balances, is not an option 4 me. Not in my entire living yrs, even. I only MAKE $20k/yr, and on that salary I cover the expenses 4 our daughter who has Crohns Disease & had Lyme Disease.. plus our other two daughters.

Well that sorta explains him running them up if he planned to 4ile 4 bankruptcy?  I thought you had to pay all debt back anyway with the new laws?

You should try to contact the CC.  Explain your situation to them and hopefully they'll be able to help. 

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