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Re: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?

I do have it in writing that he was to close the accounts, but NFCU told me yesterday that (and I already knew this) they do not take judge's orders or agreements into consideration. Once joint, always joint.

And I am really upset and destroyed over this happening. I realize it would have come to my attention if I had inspected that tab on my report in the previous years. That is the most painful part. Since they had a zero balance all this time, there was nothing popping up to cause me to even look. And upon looking, NFCU didn't report from Apr-Sep, and then reported this entire mess all at once.

I believe what he may have done, was inactivated the credit lines, but not close them. Then when he decided to ruin his life earlier this year, he realized they weren't totally closed, and he reactivated those two cards. It's all I can imagine. If he had realized he had $20K at his disposal in the past 2yrs, you can bet he would have already run it up. he is terrible with credit.