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Re: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?

Ha, hi llecs. Remember how hard I worked to rebuild both our credit... well, apparently he only saw it as a paycheck (issued on credit, of course).  Ouch.

And I'm pretty much back at square one. At least I know where to come.



I spoke to the CC company (NFCU) further today. They don't say anything helpful. Paying back $20k on my own self-employment salary (which is only $20k after taxes, on which I raise our three kids with no child support) is not an option - the payments are over $400/mo.  Even restructuring and extending the payments out many years isn't a possibility, they said :-( ... and there's no way to take myself off as joint now, bc he doesn't have the monetary ability to handle the full debt on his own, which is the only way I could be taken off.  So that means it will just hit my credit report as a charge-off, with a note about the bankruptcy that he is filing.


Does anyone see any other option for me, besides bankruptcy?