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Re: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?
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It's possible for one spouse to file BK, no relief there.


These are joint accounts, if the husband files BK they don't just become chargeoffs, the creditor(s) will simply pursue the other joint debtor (the wife).  NFCU is mentioned, they are generous with credit but tenacious in collecting.


OP needs to get with a good divorce lawyer and a BK lawyer yesterday.  To avoid having to file BK she is going to have to be ruthless in immediately suing for divorce and seeking to be made whole regardless of where it leaves him.  This may be compliacted by the fact she has moved to PA but may have to file in VA.


Another question for the lawyers - if the husband agreed to pay these off and did, and later began suffering from "deficits from a brain tumor" and PTSD, was he competent to incur these debts?  That could be a defense against collection.


OP needs to get off all joint or AU debt right away, to the extent she can.

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