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Re: Ex Did a Terrible Thing... Is My Credit Ruined?

There's no concern about either of us filing spousal or anything like that. If anyone was going for spousal, it would have been me, when I left almost 3yrs ago & he was still making $145K, while I went down to $20K.

He was diagnosed & had surgery to remove the brain tumor 2.5 yrs into the marriage (12/2007).

He did a lot of rehab & was retired from the USMC in 8/2008.  He secured a fabulous job, plus his retirement & disability. Total income for him was over $145K.

Things not being the same, and serious emotional problems he was having led me to leave in 2/2010.

We've had separate homes, lives & finances ever since.

He didn't quit working until 2/2012.

Even if he had some outside case for spousal support almost 3yrs after legal separation, he wouldn't do that - neither of us would.  We get along very well & support each other. We're still family, just the brain tumor changed things to where we're friends not lovers.


It may help him that his finances started really falling apart once I left. When I was with him, I took care of ALL finances. He was doing strange things, like going through the check-out line twice, but only remembering one set of purchases. Buying 2 gym bags in one month, because he forgot he'd bought one. So, I basically continually wrangled him and was trying to keep him reigned in. Once I left, he began taking out cards all over the place and really screwed up the credit we worked so hard to have. I almost wonder if that can be used to show how incompetent he is. He didn't have the financial inability BEFORE the brain tumor. (along with a lot of other problems he developed).