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Re: GF problems

Just want to share that I was your gf Smiley Happy for too many years.  A lot of 'magic thinking' when it came to money.  Somehow it was more elastic than finite and I believed that there was always somehow more than enough money.  Anyway, my way of doing things did cause a lot of problems in my life and my marriage.  FINALLY, older and wiser, and getting things together.  I truly didn't see my behavior as a problem.  My husband, who had the opposite belief system (there is never enough), let me do the bills.  He thought that would help.  It didn't.  It didn't because all we did was fight about money, bills, etc.  I juggled incessantly!  No solution there. 


The kindest thing you can do for yourself and your girlfriend, is to be honest, set limits that you will keep, keep your money separate, and expect her to contribute.