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Re: Am I in the Wrong Here?
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+1 to what llecs said but I have been in your situation where a spouse doesnt want to work with you or a budget. The have to see it or do it for themselves. My wife and I make good money but never had anything to show for it so I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I read Dave Ramseys Total Money Makeover. It changed my life and got me fired up and I had our budget made and our debt snowball on excel. My wife blew it off and could care less. Finally after a bunch of ODs one month my wife took it upon herself and red the book.


now we are partners in crime when it comes our budget and any purchase over $20 we call each other for the ok. we also have all our accounts and budget in mint so we can see it up tothe min.


was it the book that did this? no it was us communicating and coming togethrr to work on this and now our marriage is stronger than ever.


congrats on the baby btw