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Re: Am I in the Wrong Here?
You two need to have a serious talk of where you both wish to be in the future. I wouldn't say that the wife is in the wrong or that you are right because this isn't what it should be about. The issue might be that since you are managing the money, your wife thinks that you are holding her part from her. Sit down with her, explain in details (use graphs, numbers, etc.) and make her a part of the financial management. Some people don't believe (or don't want to) until they see and experience the facts. Assuming you are combining both incomes: Split all basic living expenses 50/50 (groceries, mortgage, utilities, etc) Set a savings and emergency amount and add to it 50/50 After the above is done split whatevers left at 50/50 and this will be eachother's spending money Since the remaining is your spending money you may do with it as you please (save an additional amount, buy stuff, give to partner, etc.) There should be no problems with this method, and it should minimize fights over money management.
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