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Re: Am I in the Wrong Here?

I think we can reserve judgment on whether this is the person for him or not based on one argument they had on gchat.


Did she really buy clothes for the baby when they were on sale, and clothes that you would have had to buy anyway?  In other words, did she buy clothes that were planned in the budget without going overboard on extra outfits.  If so, then I don't think she's that in the wrong.  Juggle things around because there will be extra money now in the months to come because baby clothes are already purchased, and for less money than was budgeted.  Of course, that only works if this isn't a continuous problem of overspending.  Sounds like you may have a problem of continuous overspending.  But I might have picked a different time to put my foot down, i.e., when she was out of money because of eating out rather than for purchasing baby clothes.  But I can feel you.  My wife and I have lots of conversations about exceeding the budget as well.

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