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Re: Blended family, Remarry finance questions

Try to do it by %. If he earns 75% of income and you earn 25% of income then you should pay 25% of the basics (cell phone, rent, food, utilities, etc) and he should pay 75%.  I wouldn't do anything that may hurt both of you should one party fail such as joint CCs (joint bank accounts which require BOTH signatures may be done, but don't put all your eggs on one basket). Plan a joint budget, some savings (vacations and the like) and an emergency fund.


I'm sure it can work fine and will leave more money on the table for each of you compared with costs of living alone. Other areas such as car buying can remain the same (as in you will still be able to afford the same car as if you were single) or may even improve as there may be more money leftover.


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