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Re: Married Wife w/ Bad credit

mtrsprt wrote:

ALWAYS keep financial responsibility seperate.  Married or not.  There is ZERO advantage to having joint acconts.  

Not entirely true.

I have a joint account with my DGF. It helps with the transparency of the bills. That's what our joint is for. Nothing more, nothing less.

Everything else is separate.


I think people are looking at the issue of the OP incorrectly. I wouldn't be keeping a separate account because you're worried about her past debt, I'd be worried about a joint account because it COULD potentially become a repeat behavior in the future.


OP, if she doesn't like that you are trying to cover your bases here, then it's best you find out BEFORE you get married to see how she really feels about it. You wouldn't invest time and money into sinking stock, so why do that with a relationship. In your situation, I'd keep everything separate from her, everything.

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