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Re: Blended family, Remarry finance questions

My boyfriend and I moved in together almost 3 years ago with my 2 children. We have always followed the % rules and have a great budget & open line of communication when it comes to what $$ is needed for what. He makes 2x as much as I do but it figures out to right around 65-75% of the household bills. Getting your joint financial responsibility laid out before just "jumping in" is really important. I knew about the amount of debt he was bringing in, he knew about my not-so-great credit, etc. We've worked through everything with no major issues and stick to our budget really well. If we couldn't agree or communicate about finances, it wouldn't work in the whole relationship. All in all, we chose not to dump all of our money into one account and pay bills as they come in, we have what we are responsible for, from our own accounts. Accountability and responsibility are good things. BUT that could just be me (us). 

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