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Re: called stupid for having joint account?!?!

I'm a super rational and realistic person, but I really don't agree with the common fears and concerns regarding combined finances.


In my view, you shouldn't decide to commit to a person for life if you can't even trust them enough to share finances. Smiley Wink


There is nothing stupid about having a joint account.


A lot of people are jaded and can't trust anyone. A lot of people are gullible and trust the wrong people.


But if you are not one of the above, and you have a high enough emotional IQ to know the person you're marrying, combined finances are a beautiful thing.


DH and I began dating shortly after graduating college. We were both just beginning our careers at the time and making 25-30k each. Six months into dating, it began to feel silly to have separate accounts, as we moved in together and shared everything we bought. We each closed our individual bank accounts and opened a new one together, where both of our paychecks were direct deposited. Since that day, we've never owned a dollar that we didn't share.


It's been years since we made that decision to combine all of our money. We've each gotten substantial raises and promotions since our entry-level positions. We have multiple retirement and investment accounts. Every cent to our names is mutually owned by the two of us. We're an authorized user on every credit card the other person has.


And money has never caused one argument. In fact, it strengthens our marriage to enjoy both the trust and the shared success: to accomplish great things financially -- as a team.


If you're marrying the right person, there will be no question about sharing accounts, and you will benefit greatly from your joint success.

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