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Re: Married Wife w/ Bad credit

EddieSFL wrote:

She does a good job with her finances now.   She pays all bills on time.  The issue is the past due student loans. 


Should we file our tax returns together? 


We are going ahead with having a joint checking account.  Just trying to figure out what is best. 


Married by filing seperate or file Married together. 


Her student loans are about 15k. 




You are getting a variety of responses here and as a current grad student who gets the up to the minute info from the loan office I can tell you as a fact- they can and absolutely will come after you for her loans if you file together. This has nothing to do with state law, it is a federal issue as determined by the Department of Ed. Perhaps it was different in years past, but in 2012 that is the reality. 


That said, if it is only 15k, that's really nothing and perhaps the joint tax benefit would be greater than what you would lose on her loans (this I don't know, I have never filed joint taxes so I don't know what the benefits are). It's only something to worry about if she had gone to law school and has 200k or along those lines. Then they consider your income as well as hers in any repayment plans they offer her, even the loan forgiveness plans. 


So it's not a question as to whether the will or will not pursue you for her loans.

The question is- will you save more than 15k by filing together. You have to weigh the options that way to find your answer. 

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