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Re: Blended family, Remarry finance questions

my-own-fico wrote:

Croselx wrote:

Try to do it by %. If he earns 75% of income and you earn 25% of income then you should pay 25% of the basics (cell phone, rent, food, utilities, etc) and he should pay 75%.


I see the math, but where is the justification? If you go to the grocery store, will the clerk enter your salary in the register and base the price of milk and bread on it?



Agreed, this type of formula clearly is set aside for 'credit card debt', loans, etc but not for utilities, groceries, and the like - if this was the case OP would only use 25% of the A/C in the summer and 25% of the heat in the winter... The very fact that OP even 'asked' the question ''should I be expected to pay half the bills" is another red flag people aren't pointing out.  At the end of the day there is a lot going on here that against popular belief is not impossible to work out but I'm afraid requires more practicality, experience and planning than I see here IMO. Best of luck to you OP.

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