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Re: Divorce & CC's

I can say this..  my husband was screwed such as you are during his last divorce. He had to pay over 5k per mth in spousal/child support while still paying ALL the credit cards and both vehicle payments - cc's over 40k. And on top of that, she didn't pay the house payments with the spousal support (which she was ordered to do) so she just pocketed that money and got away with it. Anyway..  he couldn't pay, the cc's went into default/collections/charge off's etc. After the divorce was final in 05, he called and settled with them but didn't know about getting them to agree to report it as "paid" with the CB's. They are still listing on his report but should drop off next year. 


In 07 we bought a 300k house. We were making around 60K together at the time and had no other debts other than the car loan. So it is possible that you can get a loan - but there is no guarantee. The best option is do like the others said and to call the cc companies to work out something.