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Credit Rollercoaster

It's been awhile since I've been here on line.  My divorce has been finalized after over a year.  Needless to say, my credit has taken some hits.  About 8-9 months ago my Eq: was 650 and TU: 620.  Not real high but I was in the recovery stage then.  I had gotten several cards with decent balances, all while going through my divorce.  Well my EQ is now 578 and TU is around 590.  I have been current on all of my bills, but my ex-wife's stuff is still hitting my credit.  A car that is financed in both of our names, and she was awarded the car and has been late. (and she cant get in financed in her name) 


I'm really hoping that my credit can only get better since the divorce is final.  I just applied for a BofA secured credit card hoping to help me credit while I attempt to get some negatives off.  I guess I will try and reduce or payoff my credit cards, I only have 3 with balances that are fairly low, 200 range and one with a 400 balance.  I am also attempting to payoff my vehicle that has a balance of $4900 in 8-9 months.  I was awarded another vehicle that has a balance of about $3000 that i am also attempting to pay off in 8-9 months as well. 


Will the payoff on the vehicles help increase the score since it is reducing my debt?  Both are in good standings.  Need some good advice and encouragement.  Am I on the right track?  


I would like to be above 650 in 6-8 months.


Signed, recovering..... 

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