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Re: Post Divorce Cleanup/Corrections?

Bug1984 wrote:

Hi all!


It has been ~2 years since my divorce from my husband.


I recently requested and reviewed my credit reports and I noticed that some items are showing up that are listed as "joint" instead of individual. The problem is that I never applied on any of his trade lines as a co-signer, and some of these accounts are listed as negatives due to them having been turned over to collections at one time or another. All of these accounts appear to be medically related and have all been paid to a zero balance.


Seeing as how I never co-signed for anything he was ever involved with financially, I'm wondering how these items have appeared on my CR's? Are medical bills automatically considered to have joint responsibility when you are married?


What steps do I need to take to get these items removed from my CR's?


Thanks in advance for the assistance!

The medical related accounts aside, could it be that you are an authorized users of some of your ex-husband's accounts?  If an AU, you could dispute those accounts as not yours and they should be removed.  If you were never a co-applicant nor an AU, it is likely an issue of living in a community property state.  There are various scenarios under which an otherwise innocent spouse may be held liable for the other's debts.


Unfortunately, many times a spouse can be held liable for the other's medical expenses even if they are not in a community property state. 


The situation you described has the potential to be very complex.  I would consult a local attorney on the matter.