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Re: Post Divorce Cleanup/Corrections?

Bug1984 wrote:

GregB wrote:

The specific answer to this is beyond my knowledge. However, I am sure that more info will be required for you to get a good answer.


In what state did you live when you were divorced?  If the state of recidency at the time of divorce and currently are different, you might want to include that info.


When were the medical charges made?  Were they before or after the divorce was final?  Were they after separation according to the divorce decree?





I live in the same state now as when the divorce took place, which is GA. The dates of the accounts in question occured while we were still married. My ex suffered a back injury while we were still married, and these "joint" accounts I am referring to seem to be related to that injury. We did not have health insurance at the time of this injury, but I do remember that he made arrangements with the hospital to pay them monthly payments until the amount was paid off. They all show zero balances according to the info on my reports.


In essence, I was not aware that these accounts had been listed on my credit reports due to the hospital making this agreement to accept monthly payments, and we were never contacted by a collection agency, nor made payments to one in connection to these accounts. I'm in the position now of getting remarried soon, which is the reason I decided to pull my credit reports, and finding these on my reports has me wondering if there is anything I can do to get them legally removed since they were not mine to begin with. All the accounts were paid and show a zero balance on my reports, so I'm just unsure as to whether or not I could just dispute these "joint" accounts with the CRA's, or contact the actual hospital with some type of "goodwill" letter in an attempt to get them removed.


As far as I know GA is not a community property state, so how these accounts got linked to my credit reports is beyond me unless my ex put my information on the admission forms at the time of the accident as his spouse. Any guesses on this?

Often even in non-community property states a spouse is legally liable for medical debts incurred by the other spouse.  Other than the CRAs buying your dispute or the hospital(s) showing goodwill, there is likely nothing you can really do.