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Re: Post Divorce Cleanup/Corrections?
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If I were you, I'd first try the hospital, explaining that they never notified you about these bills, and you had no way of knowing. You might need to have a copy of your divorce decree with you, especially if it contains the date that you and your ex first started living separately, which might have been long before the date of the final decree. Since they did finally get paid some amount, by your ex via the collection agencies, maybe they'll be willing to help. But I don't think that they alone would be willing to pull back the collections on your reports, since your ex did go to collections. If they did, the collections would come off his reports as well. What you might hope for is for the hospital to contact the collection agency (-ies) and ask that your name be removed from the collections, and that the CA's update your records so that the collections are no longer reported.


Otherwise, you'll have to try getting the medical collections off both your records via a HIPAA-based request. One reading of HIPAA says that collection agencies no longer have the right to report medical collections once they are paid. (That's a very boiled-down version.) There's debate about that back and forth, but in fact, many people have gotten paid medical collections removed from their reports in this manner. The trick is that you'll probably need to have your ex cooperating with you on this. He might want them off his reports too, of course.


Check the "Recovering from Medical Debt" board down in the Archive section of the forums for more info on the HIPAA issue. You can also find further info on the Rebuilding Your Credit board.


Hope that helps. It seems supremely unfair that you have his collections on your reports, when you never knew about them.

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