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Re: Divorce & CC's

pk8183 wrote:

I am in the starting points of a divorce where it seems like I am getting screwed (I will spare the details)


Long story short, my STBE is getting almost $5000 a month from me in spousal and child support, and yet I am stuck paying the CC bills each month for what she has charged up in the 18 months prior to her filing (approx $30K).  I am struggling to pay her each month, pay for my own living expenses, and then pay debt service on the CC's...I am thinking about just stopping paying the CC bills and let them go to collection and charge off because I can not afford all the expense...I know this will ruin my credit for a long time, but I am curious if I try and go buy a house in 4 years when her supot payments are over, if I would even stand a chance to get a loan....



$5k per month for spousal and child support seems excessive.  Has this been court-ordered?


Unfortunately, what you really need as soon as possible is a good divorce lawyer.  If the spousal and child support is court ordered, defaulting on your credit card debt could cause you multiple problems in the future.  If your creditor sues you and can garnish your wages or bank account(s), that could cause you to default on your support payments and the outcome of defaulting on support payments is far more serious than defaulting on other types of debt. 


Again, get a good divorce attorney and see how this situation can be adjusted.