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GregB and O6 you are exactly correct, I was only thinking of her CR's,But long term she can be held legally responsible for this debt.


For a teachable moment here, OP'er has not signed on since the 1st post, so I'm thinking her next question maybe....

If they do divorce, and the courts say that" he is solely responsible for this debt" That does not still get her off the hook, correct? 


Thank you in advance to those who reply, LightninSmiley Wink



You are, unfortunately, correct.


A separation agreement, divorce settlement or divorce decree can virtually never adjust one's contractual liability with a pre-existing creditor.  The reason I say you are unfortunately correct is because a great many people think that "Oh, the judge said I don't have to pay that account" and then in the end are shocked to find the creditor drawing blood from them.