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Collectors contacting current in-laws about ex's debts

So, my ex-wife has apparently stopped paying all of her debts?  I have remarried and moved.  She has never lived in my current residence, however, I continue to receive plenty of her debt collection letters and the phone calls keep coming.  Now, that part doesn't bother me as much, but lately they have tried a new tactic; They are contacting my current wife's parents!  Talk about infuriating!!  I know they didn't get their contact information from my ex as she doesn't even know my current wife, but my question is how the hell did they get that information and what the heck are they thinking??  Not a very fun predicament I'm in to say the least.  I understand they have a little lee-way, but my current in-laws??  Anyway, what would be the best course of action for me here?  I'm worried that once they pass the debt off to someone else, the calls will resume to my in-laws.  I welcome your input! :smileyhappy: