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Re: On mobile home title, but not on loan?


texasccw wrote:

A little bit more info. I checked my latest report I have on file and the original loan was with Oakwood Acceptance and that is on my credit report. The notes state that it was transferred to another lender and I am definitely not on that loan since Vanderbilt is not a tradeline. Thanks for any responses.


I honestly do not understand how you came to the terms that you are not on the loan. If you signed the originally loan as a co-signor just because the loan was transferred and or sold does not remove you from the loan.


Just because Vanderbilt is not on your Credit Reports as a Trade Line does not mean if she defaults they can not come after you. 


May be I am missing something here and some one will chime in to explain that you are correct, but until then I have to agree with marinevietvet that you will be responsible until it is refinanced in her name only.

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