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Does it matter?

First post.... I'm obviously very new to all this.  I don't even know my FICO score.  I just ordered one and got an error but my debit card was charged so I guess I'll wait.


So my divorce/credit question is.....does it matter if my soon to be ex-husbands name is still on some of my accounts.   We have a secured joint credit card that we opened a couple of months before we split up and his name is on my auto loan.... both of which I have possession of and am paying on time. 


Also we've been separated for over 7 months now.  Does anyone know if I can be held liable for debts he incurred since we split up?  He's been evicted from an apartment for not paying rent and I've been worried that will come back to haunt me.    Our divorce won't be final until sometime in March.


Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.