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Re: Does it matter?
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You really do need to get all your credit in your name. Just because you have physical possession of your CC doesn't mean that he couldn't call and get a second card and go shopping, or even try for a cash advance. Smiley Sad Same could be done by a friend of his that had access to his info. As for the auto loan, I don't see how he could interfere with that, but is the car titled in your name, his name, or both? I had to get my car retitled in my name, even though DXH isn't on the loan.


It's faintly possible that the CC issuer would allow you to take over the card in your name only. This is rare, but there are one or two banks that will do this. Otherwise, I would go ahead and open another CC in your name only, and then close the joint card. I don't know if your agreement deals with how the security deposit on the card would be dealt with, so you'll need to investigate that. <-- Actually, there's another reason to close the card. What if he did so first and kept the deposit?


I'll have to leave the rest, especially whether you might be liable for anything until your divorce is final, for those who know more about the law than I do. What state do you live in? --because that might affect potential liability.

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