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Re: Does it matter?

alyce830 wrote:

Thanks!  I'm in Texas.  I'd hate to cancel the card and open a new one.... that's one of the few positive things on my credit report that I'm desperately trying to fix.  I'll check with them and see what they can do.


Hi alyce,


Even if you close the card, it will remain a positive thing on your credit report - continuing to age and show your positive history for the next ten years.

If you don't close a joint card, the danger is that it will not remain a positive thing on your credit report - especially given that the other joint holder has a history of being evicted and you are worried about his running up other bills.  It's pretty vital that you close out joint accounts to protect yourself, your assets, and your credit history.  Check with the card issuer and see what they can do for you - but reduce your risk by taking yourself out of any joint situation possible.

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