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Re: Child Support :)

Booner72 wrote:

Oregon's child support laws are horrible and always support the mother and **bleep** over the father.  We were buying our first house 9 years ago, closed and everything.  The next day when they went to fund the loan, the child support division put a lien on my husband.  The took back the keys, had to return the new appliances.  I was hugely pregnant and it was the worst thing in the world.  I still have PTSD from that situation.  Which is why this time, DH is NOT going to be on the loan so this doesn't happen again.


His daughter turned 18 a year and a half ago and child support was stopped.  He almost got caught in in arrears, and then the daughter decides to go to college.  She was able to "restart" the child support simply by verifying she was in college.  NOTHING we can do about it.  She can stop/start this until she turns 21 which will be 12/2012.


There is currently nothing child-support related on his credit and that judment has long since expired.  But STILL.



Unfortunately, It is not just Oregon. 


Child support laws and enforcement have pretty much done an about face in almost every state.  Twenty-five years ago enforcement was practically zilch, if anything appeared on your credit report creditors usually didn't care and at least family courts would pretend they considered the non-custodial parent's input.  Not today.


And you can count on pigs flying before it gets easier.  In the not-so-distant future look for the Passport Denial Program, which originally began at $5k and has recently dropped to $2.5k, to drop even further.   


Child support is the worst kind of debt to have problems with.