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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

beamMEup wrote:

OP - I'll throw out a different perspective.

I don't see not wanting to use a credit card as a terribly destructive behavior - the fact that she is willfully avoiding going into debt is a plus.


Some folks like and do well with credit products; and others avoid them.


I would be much more worried if someone didn't care about the debt they were racking up; or were focused on the "prestige" which they perceived came with their new AmEx card.

IME, I think you've got a winner on your hands. 


And when it comes to relationships, you can always be the one to manage and use revolving accounts. 


I didn't use CC's for a long time and DH says I was a pretty good catch.  At this point, in our house, I manage a good deal of the finances (and they're in pretty darn good shape).  DH uses revolvers but it's only for predetermined and prebudgeted items.  So we get the rewards, but I basically manage the cards.


And to answer your question, for me it would be high debt-load and blatant consumerism (whether they could afford it or not - it's just a major turnoff to me).

Thanks for the different perspective.  I can understand your point of view, but the other thing that concerns me about her is that she is carrying a $500 balance on another CC at 24% interest and yet she has about $600 in the bank to pay this off (she still lives at home and has no expenses so this wouldn't be a problem for her).  When I asked her why she doesn't use that money to pay off the card, her rationale is that she is going to be making more purchases in a month for school when college starts up again so she sees no point in paying off her current balance.  It is this behavior combined with her debit card use that makes me uneasy.

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