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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

tpatterson2k9 wrote:

Thanks for the different perspective.  I can understand your point of view, but the other thing that concerns me about her is that she is carrying a $500 balance on another CC at 24% interest and yet she has about $600 in the bank to pay this off (she still lives at home and has no expenses so this wouldn't be a problem for her).  When I asked her why she doesn't use that money to pay off the card, her rationale is that she is going to be making more purchases in a month for school when college starts up again so she sees no point in paying off her current balance.  It is this behavior combined with her debit card use that makes me uneasy.


aargh.  that can be so frustrating when folks don't get some (what seems to be basic) stuff.


Is she willing to learn?  Would she look at how interest accumulates and how cc's and FICO consider carrying a balance if she were taught?  Would learning about FICO scoring and tracking her score have an impact?


I know that I learned some of this stuff later than sooner - some folks just have never been taught.  It sounds like you've been trying to get the message through - and she's just not that interested?


I'm just still carrying around the thought that so many folks are far more in debt (and eager to be in debt) and clueless about debt than she seems to be - I'm trying to hold on to any possible shred of hope.  *Sigh*

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