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Re: Financial Follies that Break the Relationship

Not pretty and it's even more complicated than this, but my husband didn't pay our mortgage for two months and hid it from me.  It was only when they called my place of employment that the truth came out.  He gave me a very complicated 1/2 truth answer and then after promising to tell me if he couldn't get the payment in on time to let me know, he let it go 30 days 2 more times.  He also let our joint credit card go late 2x 30 days.  We've always kept separate finances our entire marriage -14 years.  I pay all the household bills, cars, insurance,  daycare, children's general expenses, etc.  He pays the mortgage, cable/cell bills, and occasional groceries/eating out, and his own gas and spending money.  He's 100% commission and we're never really sure when the checks will come in.  


After this situation, I lost a lot of trust.  My credit score went from very good to just good.  I am currently contemplating divorce. (Again, much more complicated than lying about money.)  I want to make sure that when all is said and done, I'm leaving the relationship in good credit standing and with the ability to purchase my own home for the children and me at a reasonable rate.  

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