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Re: A very foolish friend... Is he screwed?

He says no loan papers were signed beyond giving proof the home was half hers. He's going to the bank and asking for paperwork in the morning. I even asked about cosigning and so on but he denies ever signing anything beyond agreeing about her  half ownership of the home.


He's an extremely emotional guy and not the type to look after himself, when in a relationship. Half the house was supposed to make her happy, LOL! He's not young so there's really no excuse for being this naive.


Kick in the pants? She was just trying to take out another $20K and pay down credit card debt less than two weeks ago. My guess is a lot of the $80K went to debts she incurred prior to hooking up with him. His house was essentially a shack and could have been rebuilt for less than $80K, it just happens to be in a nice area.

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