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Re: Should I help her?


I can't get over the fact that she quit her job. Who did she think was going to pay her bills?

You just dont quit a job, unless you already have a job to go to.


I have one question, If you were not in the picture, Do you think she would've quit her job?

+1 My thoughts exactly.


I'm wondering if the GF in question is, perhaps, thinking from a marriage POV. What I mean by that is that the OP & GF are now effectively living together, and frankly... some people are not mature enough to handle that, maintaining her complete independence. Her moving in may have caused her to feel a sense of "community resources" that she is simply not entitled to, and should not be indulging in (she's taking resources from the OPs children, even if it isn't yet putting a breaking strain on his finances). If OP and GF were married, the entire family would adjust to her presence in the household, physically, emotionally, and financially. And, perhaps, that's where she's coming from. Only, she isn't his wife, or a stepmother.


Definitely have that talk sooner, than later. Her quitting her job, and at her own hands becoming under-employed doesn't bode well. She wouldn't have done it she felt she couldn't rely on you to take up her slack.


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