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Re: Should I help her?

RRinTN wrote:

We did come to a point where I challenged the relationship with her directly and made it clear where I stood.  I do want to mention that when she quit the job we were only "friends" not exactly dating if you get my "hint".  The relationship progressed into a serious relationship afterwards.  At which time I did not have a grasp as to her financial situation because if I had I would probably not have let myself get that involved.  Never the less she is a great girl and does work hard and somehow has managed to make due on the reduced income. 


As far as what has happened... after challenging the relationship she woke up and realized that if she could not pay for the house and still didn't want to loose it which would ruin her credit and in her words, "would be wrong because I (she) gave my (her) word to make those payments"... she decided renting the home was the best option until she had a better chance of selling it maybe in a couple years.  We are still together and her house was rented for an amount suffifient to cover the payment.  The result is that we now have much more available income together and she feels a great sense of relief.  While we still worry about how well the renters will take care of the home we have a hefty deposit and do like the people who are there now.


Thanks everyone Smiley Happy



Good man! I think you handled this perfectly...and look what empowered the girl to save of all worlds.

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