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Re: My wife is making my financial life miserable

^ Thanks, IOBA!


I just don't want to sound mean/unhelpful. I have only seen one instance where a situation like this worked out well.


In my buddy's case, it became a game of cat and mouse. Aside from not being too insightful, she has a very useless family and was raised to believe taking care of them is a daughter's responsibility. She's probably supporting a brother (who refuses to work) and father who can't find any work that isn't beneath him. My buddy doesn't care anymore but has all finances separated so unless she forges a signature or files bankruptcy in a state where he could also be sued, there's no issue. Last time I asked, she was doing it all through paychecks and hadn't discovered credit. He's paying off her college loans, though. When they met he promised to do so and wouldn't dream of reneging.

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